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Scaling & Polishing

What is a ‘scale and polish’?

Your dentist will schedule a scaling or cleaning session at least once a year when to remove all traces of plaque and calculus. Scaling is used to remove the hard calculus on your teeth, which cannot be removed by simple brushing. The polishing stage helps to clean away stains from your teeth, which may have been caused by coffee, tea or red wine. If you suffer from gum disease, you may require a deeper scaling, which is called ‘root planing’. As this treatment cleans all  the area around the roots of the teeth, your dentist may give you a local anaesthetic to avoid sensitivity and discomfort.

Is regular scaling and polishing beneficial?

Having a regular scaling will help to maintain healthy teeth and gums, and make it easier for you to keep them clean at home. By coming to the dentist regularly, early signs of gum disease such as bleeding gums can be diagnosed and the appropriate treatment initiated. This will also prevent bad breath, which can be caused by gum disease.